Check all that apply to build your list for talking with your pediatrician.

At any age

Call your child’s pediatrician today or the next time the office is open. This may be a warning sign of a health condition.

Talk to your child’s pediatrician about it at your child’s next well-child visit. Children develop at different rates, so there may be nothing to worry about. But it’s important to bring this up with your child’s pediatrician.

I’m worried that my child isn’t growing the way he should. Should I bring it up with my child’s pediatrician?

Yes. Always share any worries you have with your child’s pediatrician. If you feel like your worries aren’t being taken seriously, don’t be afraid to bring it up again or ask the pediatrician to take another look. Many signs of developmental delays aren’t obvious. Trust your gut.

Get more tips on how to talk with your child’s pediatrician about physical developmental delays [PDF - 283 KB].


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